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Friendly International Women, on Sunday,

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On December 3, 2023, Brazil W will be hosting Japan W in a Friendly International Women’s soccer match. With Brazil W being the home team, the bookmakers’ coefficients suggest that it is expected to be a closely contested game. The odds currently stand at 2.2 for Brazil W and 2.93 for Japan W.

Reviewing the recent performances of both teams, Brazil W has won 2 out of their last 3 matches. This indicates that they are in decent form and will likely bring their momentum into this game. On the other hand, Japan W has been performing exceptionally well, having won 4 out of their last 5 matches. This puts Japan W in a position of strength and gives them a slight advantage in terms of recent form.

Considering these factors, it can be anticipated that this match will showcase a competitive and intense battle between the two teams. Brazil W will aim to utilize their home advantage and momentum to secure a victory, while Japan W will seek to continue their winning streak and dominate the game. Fans can expect high-quality soccer, as both teams will be eager to exhibit their skills and claim the victory.

Ultimately, the outcome of this match is uncertain, as the bookmakers’ coefficients and recent performances indicate a relatively balanced contest. Soccer enthusiasts should anticipate an exciting showdown between Brazil W and Japan W, where the outcome will be determined by the teams’ strategies, resilience, and individual performances on the field.

Betting Odds

1 X 2
Best for US Customers 2.2 3.26 2.93

Score, Highlights

Latest Results

30.11.23 Brazil W – Japan W – 4:3
31.10.23 Canada W – Brazil W – 2:0
28.10.23 Canada W – Brazil W – 0:1
02.08.23 Jamaica W – Brazil W – 0:0
29.07.23 France W – Brazil W – 2:1
30.11.23 Brazil W – Japan W – 4:3
01.11.23 Japan W – Vietnam W – 2:0
29.10.23 Uzbekistan W – Japan W – 0:2
26.10.23 Japan W – India W – 7:0
06.10.23 Japan W – North Korea W – 4:1

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