Brazil W vs Nicaragua W prediction Dec 06, 2023

Friendly International Women, on Wednesday,

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The upcoming match between Brazil Women and Nicaragua Women in the Friendly International Women’s soccer tournament on December 6, 2023, is expected to be an interesting encounter. Brazil Women will be playing as the home team in this fixture, giving them the advantage of familiar surroundings and home support.

According to the bookmakers, the coefficients for Brazil Women’s victory are quite low, indicated by the odds of 1.01-30. This suggests that Brazil Women are heavily favored to win the match. However, the exact scoreline or specific outcome that the bookmakers anticipate is not provided.

Looking at the recent performances of both teams, Brazil Women have won two out of their last four matches before this upcoming game, indicating a relatively good form. On the other hand, Nicaragua Women have won one out of their last three matches, suggesting a slightly weaker recent performance compared to their opponents.

Considering the information available, Brazil Women are likely to enter the match as the stronger side, with a higher possibility of success. However, the final result and the manner in which the game unfolds will ultimately depend on the performance of the teams on the day.

Betting Odds

1 X 2
Best for US Customers 1.01 20 30

Score, Highlights

Latest Results

03.12.23 Brazil W – Japan W – 0:2
30.11.23 Brazil W – Japan W – 4:3
31.10.23 Canada W – Brazil W – 2:0
28.10.23 Canada W – Brazil W – 0:1
02.08.23 Jamaica W – Brazil W – 0:0
03.12.23 Salvador W – Nicaragua W – 4:1
29.11.23 Nicaragua W – Honduras W – 2:1
29.10.23 Nicaragua W – Martinique W – 1:1
25.09.23 Honduras W – Nicaragua W – 1:1
20.09.23 Nicaragua W – Salvador W – 0:3

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