Brian Norman Jr vs Quinton Randall prediction Nov 16, 2023

Welterweight Others Matches Men, on Thursday,

Brian Norman Jr

Quinton Randall

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The upcoming Welterweight Others Matches Men (boxing) on November 16, 2023, features a match between Brian Norman Jr and Quinton Randall. Brian Norman Jr will be competing on home turf. The bookmakers have provided coefficients of 1.47-2.82 for this match, indicating their prediction for the likely outcome.

Before this event, Brian Norman Jr has not won any matches out of the total number he has participated in. Similarly, Quinton Randall has also not won any of his previous matches.

Given these statistics, it is difficult to predict the outcome of this specific match. Both fighters are seeking to secure their first victory, which could bring an added level of excitement and determination to the event. The bookmakers’ coefficients suggest that Brian Norman Jr may have a slight advantage over Quinton Randall, but anything can happen in the world of sports.

Fans and spectators can anticipate a competitive and thrilling match as both fighters strive to prove themselves and secure their first win.

Betting Odds

1 X 2
Bwin 1.44 17 2.87
betsson 1.48 18 2.8
Best for US Customers 1.48 18 2.8

Score, Highlights

Latest Results

13.05.23 Brian Norman Jr – Jesus Antonio Perez Campos – Norman Jr B. win 15.07.23 Quinton Randall – Willie Jones – Randall Q. win

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