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Preview of the Sports Event: Colombia W vs Canada W – Basketball Women

The upcoming basketball match in the Olympic Games Women’s Basketball category scheduled for November 10, 2023, features a clash between Colombia W and Canada W. Being the home team, Colombia W will have the advantage of playing in front of their home crowd.

According to the bookmakers, the coefficients suggest that the chances of Colombia W winning are lower, given the odds of 12-1. The predicted outcome by bookmakers indicates a scoreline of 56:93 in favor of Canada W, implying a significant difference in skill and performance between the two teams.

Looking at the recent performance of both teams, Colombia W has won 2 out of their last 5 matches. While this may not be the most impressive record, it does demonstrate that they have had some success leading up to this event. On the other hand, Canada W has won their previous match, showcasing a strong performance and potentially building momentum for the forthcoming encounter.

Considering these factors, this match is likely to be a challenging one for Colombia W. Canada W seems to be the stronger team based on recent results and overall performance. However, with the home advantage, Colombia W may have a small glimmer of hope against their formidable opponent.

It will be interesting to see how the Colombian team utilizes their home crowd support to overcome the odds stacked against them. On the other hand, Canada W will aim to continue their winning streak and maintain their dominance on the court.

Overall, this matchup promises an exciting display of skill, tactics, and determination from both teams. Fans can expect high-intensity basketball with Canada W being the favorites to secure a significant victory.

Prediction (the most likely score): 56:93

Betting Odds

1 X 2
Best for US Customers 12 1

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Latest Results

09.11.23 Puerto Rico W basketball – Colombia W basketball – 80:79
29.10.23 Colombia W basketball – Brazil W basketball – 40:50
28.10.23 Cuba W basketball – Colombia W basketball – 48:73
27.10.23 Brazil W basketball – Colombia W basketball – 78:57
26.10.23 Mexico W basketball – Colombia W basketball – 54:66
09.11.23 Canada W basketball – Venezuela W basketball – 81:39
09.07.23 Puerto Rico W basketball – Canada W basketball – 73:80
08.07.23 Canada W basketball – USA W basketball – 63:67
07.07.23 Canada W basketball – Argentina W basketball – 68:60
05.07.23 Dominican Republic W basketball – Canada W basketball – 48:88



Pl W L Pts
1 Canada W 1 1 0 81:39 2
2 Puerto Rico W 1 1 0 80:79 2
3 Colombia W 1 0 1 79:80 1
4 Venezuela W 1 0 1 39:81 1

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