Ebanie Bridges vs Avril Mathie prediction Dec 09, 2023

Bantamweight Ibf Title Women, on Saturday,

Ebanie Bridges


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On December 09, 2023, there will be an exciting match in the Bantamweight IBF Title Women’s boxing between Ebanie Bridges and Avril Mathie. Ebanie Bridges is the home fighter and is expected to have a slight advantage in front of her home crowd. The bookmaker’s coefficients for this match are 1.15-5.85, indicating that Bridges is the favorite to win.

Before this upcoming match, Ebanie Bridges has not won any of her previous matches, with a record of 0 wins in 0 fights. Similarly, Avril Mathie also has a record of 0 wins in 0 matches. This adds an interesting element to the match, as both fighters will be eager to secure their first victory.

The preview for this sports event suggests that it will be a highly competitive match between two determined fighters. Bridges will have the added advantage of fighting in front of her home crowd, which could provide her with a boost of confidence. However, Mathie will be equally motivated to secure her first win and prove herself in the ring.

Given the limited information available about their previous performances, it is difficult to predict the outcome of this match with certainty. However, Bridges’ status as the favorite suggests that she may have the upper hand in terms of skills and experience.

Overall, this matchup between Ebanie Bridges and Avril Mathie promises to be an exciting and closely contested fight. Fans can expect to see an intense display of boxing skills as both fighters battle it out for their first victory in their professional boxing careers.

Betting Odds

1 X 2
betsson 1.17 20 6
MarathonBet 1.14 22 6.38
WilliamHill 1.14 19 5.5
Best for US Customers 1.14 17 5.5

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