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On November 24, 2023, Finland will face Australia in a Davis Cup – World Group Teams tennis match. The match will be held in Finland, giving the home team the advantage of playing in familiar surroundings. Based on the bookmakers’ coefficients, Finland has odds of 5.91, while Australia has odds of 1.11, indicating that Australia is the clear favorite to win.

Before this match, both teams have had a successful track record. Finland has won all their previous match, whereas Australia has also emerged victorious in all their previous matches. These recent successes suggest that both teams are in good form and will be motivated to continue their winning streak.

As for the preview of the sports event, the match promises to be a competitive and exciting encounter. Australia, being the favored team, will likely come out strong, relying on their talented and experienced players to secure a victory. On the other hand, Finland will have the home advantage and will be eager to utilize their knowledge of the conditions to challenge the Australian team.

The outcome of the match will heavily depend on the performances of the individual players on both sides. Factors such as their physical fitness, mental strength, and strategic game plans will play a crucial role in determining the final result. Additionally, the team captains and coaching staff will have a significant role in guiding their players and making the right decisions throughout the match.

Overall, this Davis Cup match between Finland and Australia holds great potential for an intense battle between two competitive tennis teams. Fans can anticipate an exciting display of skills, tactics, and determination as both teams strive for victory.

Betting Odds

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MarathonBet 6.31 1.07 Watch Watch and Bet

Outrights of Davis Cup – World Group Teams Australia: 17.87% Finland: 5.96%

Score, Highlights

Latest Results

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16.09.23 USA tennis – Finland tennis – 0:3
15.09.23 Croatia tennis – Finland tennis – 1:2
12.09.23 Netherlands tennis – Finland tennis – 2:1
04.02.23 Finland tennis – Argentina tennis – 3:1
22.11.23 Czech Republic tennis – Australia tennis – 1:2
16.09.23 Australia tennis – Switzerland tennis – 3:0
14.09.23 Australia tennis – France tennis – 2:1
13.09.23 Australia tennis – Great Britain tennis – 1:2
02.01.23 Spain tennis – Australia tennis – 2:3



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