Lewis McGrillen-Evans vs Weslley Maia prediction Dec 08, 2023

Bantamweight Pfl Men, on Friday,

Lewis McGrillen-Evans

Weslley Maia

Short Preview

The upcoming Bantamweight PFL Men’s MMA match on December 8, 2023, features Lewis McGrillen-Evans taking on Weslley Maia. McGrillen-Evans will have the home advantage in this bout. According to the bookmakers, the odds for this match stand at 1.3 for McGrillen-Evans and 3.39 for Maia.

Both fighters do not have any record of wins or losses in their latest matches leading up to this event. This lack of recent results adds to the anticipation and unpredictability of the bout.

As for a preview of the match, it is important to consider the fighters’ previous performances and techniques. However, since neither athlete has any recent match outcomes, it is difficult to analyze their current form and expectations accurately.

Fans and punters will have to wait for the event to take place in order to witness the skills, strategies, and overall performance from both Lewis McGrillen-Evans and Weslley Maia. It is a highly anticipated matchup that could potentially result in an exciting display of mixed martial arts skills.

Betting Odds

1 X 2
MarathonBet 1.3 3.39

Score, Highlights

Latest Results

08.07.23 Lewis McGrillen-Evans – Amrali Saydoshurov – KO/2:KO/2 – 2nd Round KO 21.07.23 Weslley Maia – Shirzad Qadrian – Maia W. win

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