Seigo Yuri Akui vs Taku Kuwahara, May 06, 2024

Flyweight Wba Title Men, on Monday,

Seigo Yuri Akui

Taku Kuwahara

Score, Highlights

Akui 64.3% Draw 5.6% Kuwahara 30.1%

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Betting Odds

1 X 2
MarathonBet 1.44 16.5 3.08

Latest Results

23.01.24 Artem Dalakian – Seigo Yuri Akui – Akui S. Y. win
15.11.23 Artem Dalakian – Seigo Yuri Akui – Canceled
11.07.23 Taku Kuwahara – Wulan Tuolehazi – KO/4:KO/4 – 4th Round KO


  • Akui Seigo Yuri defending title.
  • In this match Akui is a favorite.
  • Recently, the boxers did not play each other.

    Short Preview

    The upcoming Flyweight WBA Title Men boxing match on May 6, 2024, between Seigo Yuri Akui and Taku Kuwahara promises to be a highly anticipated event. Seigo Yuri Akui, fighting at home, will be looking to secure a victory in front of his supporters. However, both boxers have yet to win a match in their latest results, making this an important opportunity for them to make a statement.

    The Bookmakers coefficients are in favor of Seigo Yuri Akui, with odds of 1.44 compared to Taku Kuwahara’s odds of 3.08. This suggests that Akui is the favorite to win the match, but Kuwahara will be determined to defy the odds and come out on top.

    With both fighters looking to make a mark and secure their first victory in a while, this match is sure to be a thrilling spectacle for boxing fans. Watch out for the speed, agility, and skill of both Akui and Kuwahara as they battle it out for the Flyweight WBA Title Men.

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